We have well Equipped in house testing laboratory.

We ensure output quality by adopting following procedure batch wise.

Testing for Raw Material...
Process control method...
Finished products test...

Further finished products are tested by method.

Paper Spotting
TLC test for Impurities
Solubility and Insoluble
Practical Dyeing
Colour Spectrophotometer

We also follow a (DSQCMS) Dual Stage Quality Control Management System for the finished products exported by us.

Lab Facilities:

For testing, we have the laboratory with allmost modern equipment facilities like,

Liquid Spectrophotometer
Balancing Room
Leather Dyeing Machine
Raw material quality inspection department
Automatic Dyeing Machines
Washing Fastness Light Fastness Machine
Shaker Bath
Pad Batch Dyeing Machine
Spectrophotometer of Gretec Macbeth
Electronic Balances
Ph Meter



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